Jamcafe keeps up-to-date with the best independent breweries from all over the UK. On top of that, the fridges are full of fresh UK craft bottles & cans as well a selection of the finest classic Belgian ales.


Friday 9 April – 7:30pm – Youtube

£30 Collected / £33 Delivered within 3 miles of Jam

Pilky 5.0%
Part of their signature core range this beer is a refreshingly modern German-style pilsner with Saphir and Tettnanger hops.

Cheesecake Island 10.0%
A multigrain imperial baltic porter inspired by cheesecake – brewed with lemon zest, lactose and vanilla.

We Believe in Evergreen 7.5%
DIPA with spruce tips foraged from Estonia and Swedish forests.

Vikerkaar 7.5%
Imperial gose with rhubarb, rosemary and himalyan salt.

Black Jam 11.9%
A blend of imperial baltic porters. Aged in sherry and bourbon barrels.

Beer by Bike – MENU

Wine & Whisky

Mackmyra (Sweden) Whisky Tasting Set (4 x 50cl), £23
Rioja, Arjiona, Spain, 75cl , £13
Malbec, Guggenheim, Argentina, 75cl, £14

Garage Beer Co 9 Pack – £63

Soup NEIPA 6%
Ocata IPA 5.4%
Spice NEIPA 8%
Red Couch NEIPA 6.6%
Green Couch WCIPA 6.6%
Journey Space TIPA 9.7%
Aporia Coffee Export Stout 8%
Clockwork Soul Pear & Blackcurrant Barcelonaweiss 5.5%
Backflips All Day Imp Black Forest Gateau Sour 7.7%

Sour Barrels & Vines 6 Pack – £33

Chapter Brewing, Celery Sour
Chapter Brewing, Apricot & Raspb Kettle Sour
Mad Scientist, Chardonnay Must IPA
St Bernardus ABT 12, Belgian abbey Quadrupel
Shiny Brewery Barrel Aged Cherry Imperial Stout
Polly’s Rose & Hibiscus Berlinerweiss

Wheat Beer 6 Pack – £21

2 x Paulaner Weissbier (Germany)
2 x Rothbeer Wheat (Hungary)
2 x St Bernardus Wit (Belgium)

Yonder Brewing & Blending 6 Pack – £30

2 x Coolbox Unfiltered Helles
1 x Mrs Patterson Pear/Blackberry/Ginger Crumble Sour
1 x Serpents Cider Apple Wild Ale
1 x Raspberry Gose
1 x Sub-Culture Mixed Fermentation Pale Ale

Lucky Dip Tote Bag – £20

3 x Craft Beers
1 x Tote Bag
1 x Jamcafé Branded Glass

Good Things Brew Co 5 Pack – £36

4 Tall Boy Cans & 1 Big Organic Sharing Bottle of Impy from Good Things Brew Co, the worlds first closed-loop and fully sustainable brewery.
Breakfast Stout, DDH IPA, Imperial Stout with Costa Rican Coffee, Saison & Big Bottle Vanilla Imperial Stout
Amazing value limited offer, 10 x 5 Packs only!

Variety Five w/ Lager Surprise – £24

Verdant – Robust Porter – 4.8%
Black Iris – Her Name Was Weborah – Imperial Porter with Hazelnut & Chocolate – 9.5%
Rothbeer – White Space – Wheat Beer – 5.1%
Rothbeer – Tavoli Galaxis – IPa – 6.1%
1 x Surprise Craft Lager – %4-5%

Little Critters 4 Pack £22.50 Only £20

1 x Sultanas of Swing, Rum & Raisin Stout, 6%
1 x Coco Nutter, Coconut Stout, 6%
1 x Chameleon, Citra Dry Hopped Pale Ale, 5.5%
1 x King Crow, Imperial Espresso Stout, 8.2%

Vocation Imperial Pack — £32

Double Snowball
11.4% DESSERT STOUT, Brewed with our friends at Pomona Island, this sweet and sticky stout was inspired by one of our favourite corner-shop treats.
Expect a big dollop of marshmallow, wrapped in chocolate with a sprinkling of coconut. It’s a classic.

Morello Red
8.4% BARREL AGED FLEMISH RED ALE, Fermented with a mix of Belgian Trappist yeasts then aged with Morello cherry together with a mix of a Lactobacillus culture and Brettanomyces yeasts.
Matured in French red-wine barrels for 18 months. Expect deep bitter notes and a sharp cherry finish.

Morello Stout
11.2% STOUT RED WINE BARREL AGED, A freshly-brewed sweet stout, blended with Morello Red – our barrel-aged, mixed fermentation cherry sour.
The sourness of the barrel-aged beer cuts through the sweetness of the stout, creating a refined and elegant blend.

Imperial Affogato
10.7% Imperial Stout
An opulent, double mashed coffee and vanilla imperial stout.
Expect rich, full-bodied coffee flavours with sweet notes of vanilla on the finish. Tantalisingly moreish and unforgettably decadent.

Garage Beer Festival 4 Pack — £36

Espai 53 (8.5%): DIPA made with Idaho 7, Mosaic T90, Mosaic BBC, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Columbus hops in collab Humble Sea (California, USA)

Polankik (10%): TIPA made with Citra, Citra Cryo, Bru-1, Galaxy, Sabro, Simcoe, Galaxy hops in collab Equilibrium (NYC, USA)

Bostik (9%): Imperial BCN weisse w/ pink grapefruit, guava and passion fruit, collab Tripping Animals (Florida, USA)

Gandul (11%): Imperial Stout made with ginger and vanilla, collab Lervig (Norway)

Garden 4 Pack — £33

Garden Brewery, Croatia:
Imperial Triple Fruited Gose
Imperial Raspberry & Coconut Stout
Imperial Hazelnut & Toffee Stout
Imperial Coffee & Almond Stout

Northern Monk Collab Trio – £15

Purpura 6.4% Blueberry, Cherry & Raspberry Fruit Sour IPA, Northern Monk X Track Brew Co
Patrons Project 28.02 // Lei Mai Lemaow // Micki Pop 4.5% Cherry Cola Sour IPA, Northern Monk
Old Flax Store 028 // Russia Series // Kvass 4.5% New England IPA Hybrid, Northern Monk

Pastry Stout 5 Pack – £30

Mad Squirrel, Bust Le Nut, Hazelnut Milk Stout 8.0%
Supreme – Imperial Stout, 12.0%
Hoodblink – Double Chocolate White Milk Stout, 8.0%
Sussex Small Batch, Banoffee White Stout, 5.5%
Reece’s Stout, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, 5.5%

Hungarian Craft Beer 8 Pack – £42

New York Mocaccino, 5.5%
Frooth Hoperator, Passionfruit Smoothi IPA 6%
Mango Bay, Mango Milkshake IPA, 5.2%
Jam52, APA, 5.2%
Super freak, Purple Basil & Strawberry TFG, 5.5%
Apricot Madness, Apricot Lassi Gose, 5.2%
Rothbeer, White Space, Wheat Beer, 5.1%
Rothbeer, Tavoli Galaxis, India Pale Ale, 6.1%

Big Bottles – 75cl

Woodsman’s Wild Ales – Big Old Wine Bottle Size Sharers:
La Vie En Rose, Rosehip Saison, 5%, £10/p>
Pissenlit, Dandelion Saison, 7.3%, £15
Fig & Honey, Fig Leaf Honey Saison, 8%, £15
Kea Porter, Barrel Aged Plum Porter, 5.2%, £12
Sweet & Dandy, Dandelion Root & Coffee Milk Stout, 4.8%, £10

All 5 for £50 special Offer

Cascade & Mad Scientist 75cl Big Boisss (ask for more information)

Email your order to bradley@jamcafe.info

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Optional Extras

Shiny Lager (gluten-free) 4 Pack £12

Brewdog Zero 3 for £5 (3 different beers)

Beard & Sabre, Hopped Cider, 3 Pack, £10

Good Cider Company, Fruited Cider 3 Pack, £9

Lost Industry Funky Planet, Bordeaux BA barley wine aged on brett, 9.8%, £8

Siren, Through The Hourglass, Farmhouse Saison, £8

Duchesse De Bourgogne £4.50

St Bernardus ABT12, £5.50

Westmalle Dubbel, £4.40

Pohjala Cherry Island, Baltic Porter, 8%, £8

Pohjala Ooxo, Cognac BA Imperial Porter, 11.5% , £8.50

Pohjala Pime Oo, Imperial Stout, 13.6%, £8.50

Shiny BA Cherry Truffle, Imperial Stout, 9%, £7

Black Iris, Her Name Was Weborah, Imperial Stout, £7

The Garden Brewery, Raspberry & Coconut Imperial Stout, £8

The Garden Brewery, Triple Fruited Gose, £8

Lervig, 3 Bean Stout, 13%, £7.50